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Check out the last 60 seconds of the link  filmed in the village:

SMALL WORLD.  Poem by Clifford Chambers

Amidst a circle of mature trees

East of Blackpool′s Stanley Park

There lies an oasis of wonder

A place everyone should embark.

Where suddenly we are transported

Far from our daily routine

To become as small as those we see

A fantasy of many a child′s dream.

Tranquillity set in this quaint little village

There just isn′t a care in the world

And as we view the life within it

Imaginary stories are unfurled.

It seems each building holds a tale

Life around them quite clear to see

And as we lose ourselves completely

From troubles that surround us, we are free.

We like to think at the end of each day

As the gates are closed for the night

The one who keeps watch will sound the horn

And all the little people come to life.

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Photo by Graham Duke 25/07/10