News and Events 2020

These event runs continually throughout the day and are included in the admission price.

Easter Bunny Hunt
Saturday 28th March to Sunday 19th April 2020

Our annual Easter Bunny Hunt – Find all the Easter Bunnies hidden in the Village. Every one that takes part get chocolate eggs and marshmallow bunnies.

Grandparents Weekend to Celebrate 7th Anniversary of VE Day
Friday 8th May to Sunday 10th May 2020

Show grandma and grandad how much you love them with a FREE day out at the model village. Free admission to any grandparent who comes to the model village with a grandchild. (One free admission per paid grandchild. Not in conjunction with any other offer).

Invasion of the Gnomes!
Saturday 23rd May to Sunday 31st May 2020

Resident Fairies at the Blackpool Model Village have reported that numerous Gnomes have moved into the village unannounced. A census needs to be done as soon as possible and the fairies have requested YOUR assistance. Come along and hunt the Gnomes. We need a head count, they're everywhere!! A reward for all those that help.

Summer Fun
Monday 22nd June to Monday 31st August 2020

Daily hunts with prizes for all children that take part.

Spot the Mole Competition
Saturday 17th October to Sunday 1st November 2020

Our annual Mole Hunt. Help us save the worms!! Prizes for all!