Parties of school children, their teachers and helpers/parents are always welcome - it is our hope to impart some knowledge and a little bit of history to the group in a fashion that makes learning fun and entertaining.

School Groups Admission

Children between 2 and 15 years

Pre-booked school groups - child £5.50 each

1 free adult per 6 children

Additional adults - £7.50

Note to Teachers:

Whether you are a teacher of English, of Maths, of Science, of Geography, of History or of the Arts, we believe that the model village can help entertain and educate your children.

Blackpool Model Village Gardens has worked hard to create an atmosphere that stimulates young children's minds and with a little encouragement in the creativity department children can excel.

We have found that children of all ages find the model village to be entertaining and at the same time stimulates their creative side. For example: (Junior School).


QUESTION: You are the editor of your school newspaper and have been sent out to the Windmill where something has happened. Write a short story to tell your readers what has happened.
QUESTION: What types of animals can you see at the farm? How many of each animal can you see? Fill in the bar graph chart. What is the total number of animals that you can see?
QUESTION: When were the Tudors in power in England?
QUESTION: What were the canals used for during the Industrial Revolution?

It is our hope that we can help you explain things that relate to school work, topics such as statistical analysis, charts diagrams, scale, addition and subtraction etc.

The encouragement in creative writing, in observation and also in the continuous development of their vocabulary and the general art of discussion.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the Blackpool Model Village in more detail, then Contact Us.